photos by Moshood.

what is naked?

naked is an open “mic,” where all forms of art are shared.

it is also a space of ritual for community.

it is also an art installation featuring curated works by local artists.

it is also a community forum where topics ranging from spirituality, healing, trauma, and life in general are discussed.

naked is a space curated to contain the vulnerability necessary to bring about healing.

those in audience are invited to be naked of the armor + masks they have to wear to navigate the world.

it is a space of respite where offerings of art are shared + the spiritual aspect of art is honored.

it is a space of authenticity where a deeper connection with the self + community is formed.

it is a space that asks:

if you could be naked, without judgment, what would you say, what would you share?

born in New Orleans, February 2018, naked is an event that ran monthly until the quarantine shutdown in March 2020.

while in New Orleans, naked featured local small business owners vending, local artists sharing their art, and empowered local community members to be special featured hosts.

shortly after COVID, it went on hiatus and made its return at a private event in Los Angeles, CA, in 2021.

after 2 more years in hiatus, naked made its Brooklyn premiere Summer 2023.

naked returns in Brooklyn, Spring 2024.