my journey towards vulnerability is through chaos. the Haitian Kreyòl word for chaos is deblozay.

when i was younger, i remember saying i would name my daughter deblozay – one day i would give birth to the inner workings of chaos, of what i am + where i came from + not hesitate to love her for it.

acquiescing to vulnerability, i found another way to give birth to my inner deblozay and love it by transforming it into art.

working with vulnerability as a medium, i use audio, video, drawing, writing, and curating space as my canvas.

here are a few examples of my chaos that’s been transmuted into art.


my drawings are stuck emotions, trapped rage, and pent-up trauma. they are things i have no words for, things that have haunted me and followed me until the moment i was able to transmute them onto paper.


kwè* is a documentary series, created in 2019 to capture and honor the healing brilliance of the conversations around me, regularly. it is audio bites of conversation, captured with consent, between me + loved ones, paired with videos taken from my travels.

*kwè is the Haitian Kreyòl word for believe/think/know.