what is slo intent?



“it’s the difference between time felt and time passing by…”

slo intent is an art project channeled through cat dorvilus, that uses vulnerability as its medium. it is a collection of curated works and spaces that asks of its audience to slow down, heal and reconnect to the earth. emphasizing the importance of slowing down to prioritize self-care, rest, and health, slo intent looks to awaken and empower people to themselves.

slo intent is cat’s response to the adverse effects of capitalism, racism, colonialism, the commodification/destruction of earth and the severance of our umbilical connection to her by the aforementioned. it is a way of being that aligns our nature and that of the earth’s, taking into account that we are spiritual beings having a material experience.

cat invites herself + her audience to the freedom that awaits them if + when they acquiesce to vulnerability. slo intent is rooted in community, continued alignment with the earth + honoring cultural + ancestral practices. by intuiting ancestral practices through time spent in nature, with community, practicing equanimity, compassion and slowing down cat presents slo intent.

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photo: Franck Henry


Cat Dorvilus is an emerging curator and multi-hyphenate artist, working primarily with vulnerability as a medium, using video, drawing, writing, creating content, and curating space as canvas. Her mission is to offer art and space that foster and continue self-healing and empowerment in others. Weaving her love of nature, folklore, myth, culture, and the esoteric to her abstractions, she invites her audience to the freedom that awaits them if they acquiesce to vulnerability. 


Born and raised in Miami, FL to two immigrant parents from Haiti, at the age of 22, she left home shortly after dropping out of college, and instead made nature her teacher. Traveling for 5 years with a backpack and a tent, through much of the continental United States, she was able to find lessons in the redwood forest of northern California, the north island of New Zealand, The Big Island of Hawaii, and the beaches of San Diego, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Trinidad. Working at various music festivals and with Cirque du Soleil along the way to fund her travels, she was also able to face and heal the trauma that she was running away from. 


She settled down in New Orleans in 2017, where she began pouring the contents of herself and all she had learned while on her travels. While in New Orleans, she created naked, an experimental open mic night, Nutrients of the Earth, an eco-friendly wellness brand, wrote a poetry chapbook titled, wholy be my name, created wolf circle, a sister circle for divine feminine to be wild in collective, kwè, a documentary series that honors the brilliance around her, and participated in and assisted in the facilitation of forums. In June 2021, she moved to Brooklyn, New York, where she currently resides and continues her work.


ARTIST STATEMENT: “the beauty and the limitation of words is just how little you can truly convey using them. i think, anyway, language is perhaps but a microcosmic vehicle to aid us towards finding our way to those whom we need no language for – those with a vibrational frequency that has been in harmony to ours for a millennia. i imagine that maybe that’s the point of life — a gigantic cosmic game of hide n’ seek with your soul’s complements, over and over and over again til you re-member. til you rejoin. til you become one once more. i find a lot of solace in being called to create, curate, and bring people together so that they can find their harmony, whatever it may be.”