what is slo intent?



slo intent is a collaborative effort that offers content (coming soon), events + products that center slowing down, reconnecting to earth, self-healing and vulnerability.

it is a revolutionary work of choosing to slow down to prioritize self-care + health, in a world that speeds up with each passing moment.

through our efforts, we look to regard the separate parts of the social justice movements, cohesively, as one that stems from the severing of our connection to the earth.

using the “as above/so below” model, we place an emphasis on the importance of slowing down and prioritizing self-care, to awaken in others to do the same for the earth beneath our feet.

we look to, not only, empower people to themselves but to return to the land, so her healing can take place too.

using practices rooted in patience, honesty and compassion, this is the mission, heart + soul of slo intent.


for more detailed information or to collaborate please email cat (cat@slointent.com)









photo: fernando lopez



cat dorvilus is a Haitian-American, multidisciplinary artist based in New Orleans. she is a traveler, writer, and curator of vulnerable spaces. her commitments to community are rooted in fostering and continuing healing and self-empowerment in others. she is the owner and creator of slo intent, a production company that offers events, content, and products that center healing and repairing our severed connection to the earth.

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